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Fresh, local nutrient-dense food in Theresa Wisconsin

locally grown-to-order microgreens

Small Greens. Big Flavor. Unmatched Nutrition

Despite their small size, microgreens pack a nutritional punch. Microgreens are up to 40x more nutrient-dense than more mature vegetable greens.

Microgreens have many health benefits that can aid in…

✓  Lowering inflammation
✓  Supporting gut health
✓  Improving brain function
✓  Increasing vitamin intake

Traveling Roots Farmstead Microgreen
Traveling Roots Farmstead Meat Chicken and Rabbit

farm-raised meat

We initially started raising meat animals for our family, but we quickly saw the unmatched quality and flavor and decided to offer farm-raised meat to our community.

Farm-raised meat is delicious and nutritionally superior to the meat of conventional birds and rabbits.

We take pride in raising our animals and producing high-quality meat! They never leave the farm until you take them home.

All meat is raised with:

✓ NO growth hormones
✓ NO antibiotics
✓ NO chemicals

farm stand

locally grown seasonal produce, cut flowers and sourdough items

The farm stand is open year round.
Summer hours: Friday 3-6, Saturday & Sunday 9 – 2
Winter hours: Saturday & Sunday 9 – noon

Watch our Facebook page for farm stand daily menu and updates.

Traveling Roots Farmstead Meat Chicken and Rabbit


I’ve been baking bread for my family for years and I’m excited to offer our bread to the community now.

Sourdough is made with only three ingredients (flour, water and salt). Made with a ‘starter’ a fermented flour and water mixture this produces a flavorful and full-bodied loaf with a slightly chewy texture.

The dough is fermented nearly 24 hours before baking to create a great flavor. You can stop at the farm stand every weekend and purchase your fresh sourdough items.

welcome to our farmstead

Know your farmer. Know your food.

We are a small family-run farmstead based in Theresa, Wisconsin. Traveling Roots Farmstead is dedicated to stewarding the land, growing high-quality products, mastering the art of sourdough baking and fostering connections within the homesteading community. We’ve been blessed by those who have shared their wisdom with us, and it is our honor to now pay it forward.

Know the roots of your food. Join us in savoring the flavors of local goodness, nurturing your family with the care, love, and joy found in farm-fresh products.

Visit us at the Farm Stand year round to purchase your seasonal goodies.
Open Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m.

Traveling Roots Farmstead - Todd and Marcia Schabel

Our Practices

At our core, we’re dedicated to cultivating nourishing foods for our community. We do our best to practice the most natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to provide you with nutritious, locally-grown foods. All of our waste undergoes composting, returning to the earth to enrich the very soil we grow in.

Traveling Roots Farmstead - Meat Rabbit
Traveling Roots Farmstead - Microgreens
Traveling Roots Farmstead - Family Farm
Traveling Roots Farmstead - Meat Chickens